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Institute of Biosensory Psychology

We provide additional education in practical psychology. We conduct psychological courses for managers and entrepreneurs. Any person over the age of 18 will be trained in extrasensory studies, telekinesis, clairvoyance, healing and self-healing. Training is possible with both personal presence and online.
English-language materials are all translations done by volunteers with a different level of English and translation experience. All materials are presented ‘as is’ and may or may not be revised or edited in the future.

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Researching activity

Organizing conferences, congresses and round tables

Since 2000, biosensory psychodiscipline specialists organize scientific events that take place on the territory of our Institute and on third-party sites. We held 18 conferences, 2 congresses and 8 roundtables of the domestic and international level on the subject of paraphenomenology, healing, telekinesis and related disciplines.

Participation in our conferences is open. This means that any interested person can visit them, listen to reports and ask questions. The lecturers are experienced practitioners of our field, as well as invited specialists: healers, paraphenomenologists, doctors, physicists – all those who work or explore the human psyche and consciousness from the point of view of its hidden reserves.

Our scientific events enable the speakers:

  • communicate to the interested audience their research and developments;
  • exchange opinions and experience with colleagues;
  • establish new working relationships.

Visitors of our conferences can:

  • obtain the necessary information from primary sources;
  • get acquainted with new areas of activity in the field of paraphenomenology;
  • choose places for further study, work or cooperation.

You can get information on planned scientific events on our website in the news line.

Registered the world record for telekinesis

On the territory of the Institute of Biosensory Psychology, scientific research in the field of paraphenomenology is regularly conducted, aimed at forming a practical basis for facts and, as a consequence, assumptions within the boundaries of sound logic. This leads to further research, and, therefore, to further development and new achievements. One of the Institute’s studies is telekinesis. From 2008 to 2016 on the basis of the Institute, there was a laboratory for the study and practice of telekinesis under the guidance of expert Semenko Tatyana Andreevna.

At a certain stage, we set the task of creating a situation of unambiguous proof of the existence of “psyche” – a soul or other similar non-physical entity that is part of the structure of a human being. At the first stage of this long-term research, in the early 2000s, the group of students of the yearly training of the Institute of Biosensory Psychology was tasked with: without exception, to identify the ability to contactless movement of objects. The group successfully coped with the task, proving by this that no “selectivity” or predisposition to learning to contactless movement of objects does not exist, this ability is for every person. Further, over several years, this conclusion was confirmed, during this time several thousand people were trained at the Institute, 99% of whom were taught telekinesis. The Institute has developed an effective system that allows during 5 to 30 minutes to teach almost any person, including an unprepared person, with the initial skills of contactless moving objects.

The result of this work was noted in the “Russian Book of Records and Achievements” in the autumn of 2008 and also sent to the Guinness Book of World Records as a world record in the nomination “The largest community of people, trained telekinesis skills (contactless movement of objects) in the shortest possible time”.

Our studies of telekinesis revealed:

  • proof of the existence of each person’s ability to the above-mentioned effect;
  • proof of the non-physical and non-physiological origin of the effect of the contactless movement of objects.

In the long-term study of telekinesis participated physicists, doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists, chemists and other specialists from different countries of the world, such as Doctor Sc. G.N.Dulnev, Doctor Med.Science S.V.Levinson, Doctor Sc. VK Zakharov, Doctor of Medicine A.I. Krashenyuk, PhD G.Weissman and many others. The vast majority of them have become experienced telekinesis operators, surprising their acquaintances and colleagues with this skill.

In 2008-2011, under the leadership of Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. G.N.Dulneva we conducted a series of experiments on the evidential and repeated management of contactless movement of objects (telekinesis). As a result, it was possible to determine:

  • Telekinesis – uniquely exists;
  • There is no selectivity of people in the mastery of telekinesis – it is available to everyone;
  • The nature of the phenomenon of telekinesis is not gravitational, not electrostatic, not acoustic and not thermal;
  • The physiological parameters of the operators do not change at the time of telekinesis.

These results clearly demonstrate the presence of a huge resource of human qualities – hidden and not claimed. In addition, the question of the existence in each person of a special education, designated above as a “soul”, received not just a practical answer, but also dramatically expanded our understanding of man, creating a new step in the ladder of human cognition.

The Institute regularly hosts practical seminars on teaching telekinesis.

Attracting scientists from all over the world to study the human psyche

The Institute of Biosensory Psychology has been attracting scientists of different specializations. We do this in order to find out the true mechanisms of formation, existence and psycho-biophysiological possibilities of a human being in the process of understanding knowledge from different fields of science. As a result of cooperation and effective work under the leadership of V.Tonkov specialists of the Institute formed a huge factual base, formulated a conceptual apparatus and terminological dictionary of biosensory psychology and biosensory psychodisciplines.

For all time of existence of Institute of biosensory psychology, a huge number of scientists with world names has been involved:

  • Doctor of Technical Sciences Dulnev Gennadiy Nikolaevich – St. Petersburg University of Information Technologies in Mechanics and Optics.
  • Dr. med. Krashenyuk Albert Ivanovich, PhD G – President of the St. Petersburg Hirudotherapy Association.
  • Ph.D., prof. Akopov Anatoly Yuryevich – OOO “Menapolis Medexcurs”.
  • Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Volchenko Vladimir Nikitovich – Professor of the MSTU. N.E. Bauman.
  • Ph.D. Chashchin Alexander Vasilievich – Geophyspribor, Head of the Laboratory of Medical Technology.
  • Ph.D. Murashkina Galina Ivanovna – Associate Professor of MGTU. NE Bauman.
  • Dr. Sc. Smirnov Anatoly Pavlovich – Vice-President of the International Club of Scientists, Professor.
  • Ph.D. Dovgusha Vitaliy Vasilievich – Director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Research Institute of Industrial and Marine Medicine of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency
  • Ph.D., Academician of RABIP Sergei Sergeevich Sergeyevich – LLC “Techno-AS”, General Director.
  • Ph.D., Stavitsky Valentin Ivanovich – Academician of MAISU, Doctor of Science and Technology in the field of Information Physics of the USA.
  • Nonna Stavitskaya – Academician of the MAISU, Doctor of Philosophy in Information Physics of the USA.
  • Kondrick Mikhail Fedorovich – head of the laboratory. Doctor bioenergetic therapist is an expert on abnormal energy.
  • PhD George Weissman – Professor, University of California, USA.

Conducting dissertation preparation and defence

The Institute of Biosensory Psychology has a full-fledged scientific department, within the framework of which the Institute’s specialists conduct scientific research, continue to form a factual basis, conduct statistical processing of the received data with the protection of scientific dissertations of different levels. The spectrum of dissertational research is wide:

  • Evidence of the materiality of the psyche;
  • Demographic issues;
  • Psycho-physiological health of a person;
  • Ecology;
  • Economy;
  • Sports;
  • Business and management;
  • Art;
  • Linguistics;
  • Exact sciences.

The scientific department of the Institute of Biosensory Psychology is a laboratory for the study of direct psychological influence on objects or subjects through the practical application of biosensory psychotechnologies. In the framework of this department, pure experiments are conducted with the involvement of specialists of a narrow profile: physicians of different specialties, ecologists, physicists, laboratory technicians, hematologists, chemists, biologists, as well as people working in economics, politics, sports, linguistics, science, business and management activities.

In 2015, between the Institute of Biosensory Psychology and International University of Bircham, Madrid, Spain, was signed an agreement on cooperation. Within the framework of the agreement, the Academic Council has been opened at the Institute of Biosensory Psychology, which has the opportunity to conduct preparatory and testing activities on the basis of the final agreement with the Academic Council and the administration of the University, and award academic degrees of the University of any level: bachelor, master, doctor of sciences, specializing in “Biosensory Psychology”.

To date, our specialists have carried out training, attestation and defence of 11 (eleven) dissertations. The list of theses is presented here.

Registered patents for inventions

We try to preserve in the original source and protect from distortion the uniqueness of our achievements. The technologies developed by us are protected by legislation on intellectual property, that is, they are protected by the state. Tonkov Vladimir Viktorovich, the founder and main specialist of the Institute of Biosensory Psychology, is the author and owner of three patents, one of which has the status “International”:

  1. The way to reveal the hidden psychic reactions of a person;
  2. A way of regulating the emotional-mental state of a person;
  3. The formula for discovering the direction of biosensory psychodisciplines.

On August 21, 1997, the Russian Patent and Trademark Agency, based on the Patent Law of the Russian Federation, enacted on October 14, 1992, granted a patent for an invention, “The way to reveal the hidden psychic reactions of a person.” This method refers to medicine, namely to psychophysiology, and is designed to reveal the hidden psychic reactions of a person. For this, psychological testing is conducted to identify the sphere of strong mental reactions. Based on the test results, they present information, record psychophysiological reactions on the presented information. Peaks and thresholds of psycho-physiological parameters of hidden psychic reactions are revealed. Then an additional measurement of psycho-physiological parameters is carried out, and then all the information obtained is classified and analysed. The method makes it possible to increase the reliability of information about changes in the mental state.

On November 3, 1998, based on the Patent Law of the Russian Federation, which was enacted on October 14, 1992, the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks issued a patent for an invention, “The way of regulating the emotional-mental state. “. This invention relates to medicine and can be used in psychology, pedagogy, physical culture, as well as also can be used for adaptation and rehabilitation of citizens in difficult social and environmental conditions.

Brief description of the method. Rhythmic breathing alternates with its delays on exhalation. The number of respiratory movements between respiratory delays during each session is first increased from one to three to ten, then gradually reduced to 30-50% of the maximum reached number, after which the number of them is increased again to 60-70% and reduced to the initial values. During the session, a suggestive effect is performed aimed at relaxation and stabilization of the achieved state. The method provides a wide range of regulation of emotional-psychic states due to the maximum utilization of the physiological capabilities of the organism.

On October 31, 2012, the International Institute of Intellectual Property issued an International patent for invention “The formula for discovering the direction of biosensory psychodisciplines“. The patent holder is a private educational institution “Institute of Biosensory Psychology”, author – Tonkov Vladimir Viktorovich. The discovery refers to the fields: philosophy, physics, astrophysics, chemistry, biology, medicine, psychology, pedagogy.

This discovery can be used to recreate and rehabilitate a person in a wide range of aspects of his life and is a universal approach that generates a variety of Top-level technologies that can be uniquely used in international programs of the United Nations, the Oxford Education Network, the International Parliament of Security and Peace, as well as in such international programs as “Conservation of the Human Genome Pool”, “Sustainable Development of Ethnic Groups”, “Human Survival in Extreme conditions of life and the environment “and” Human health “.