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Institute of Biosensory Psychology

We provide additional education in practical psychology. We conduct psychological courses for managers and entrepreneurs. Any person over the age of 18 will be trained in extrasensory studies, telekinesis, clairvoyance, healing and self-healing. Training is possible with both personal presence and online.
English-language materials are all translations done by volunteers with a different level of English and translation experience. All materials are presented ‘as is’ and may or may not be revised or edited in the future.

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Bircham International University

Institute of Biosensory Psychology and Birchama International University, Madrid, Spain, signed an agreement on cooperation. Within the agreement the Institute of Biosensory Psychology has the opportunity to offer, conduct preparatory and verification activities and assign University academic degrees of any level (bachelor, master, PhD) in the specialty Biosensor Psychology” under certain conditions of the final agreement with the Academic Council and the University Administration as well as to invite applicants to study at Bircham University in more than 180 specialties.

Students who have graduated from the IBP or are studying at the Institute have the opportunity to receive a normal European education of the desired level in biosensor psychodisciplines and in 180 other specialties from the fields of psychology, natural medicine, humanities and natural sciences, computer science, economics and management.

Education documents issued by the IBP, are fully taken into account when forming the individual curriculum at the University. Any other educational experience of the applicant is also taken into account when entering the University.


Bircham International University is an institution of higher education, offering educational programs based on modern European educational standards and distance learning methods. The university is registered simultaneously in Europe and the United States of America and has all the necessary accreditations.


For more information about the admission and studying at Bircham International University, as well as about specialties and faculties, please call to the administration of the Institute of Biosensory Psychology at +7 (812) 232-97-76, 230-78-28

Education Quality Assessment & Accreditation

The process of accreditation is non-governmental and represents a voluntary and self-regulation process to ensure the academic quality of educational institutions. There are no worldwide accreditation standards. Accreditation is not equivalent to legality or recognition, it is a non-governmental and voluntary quality standard. Bircham International University distance learning higher education is accredited, recognized or member of the following international bodies and meets (or has met) the education quality standards of such organizations in different countries. None of these organizations belong to the USA CHEA, the Council of Higher Education Accreditation.

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AAHEA – American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation
EDUCAUSE – Higher Education Through Information Technology
EQAC – Educational Quality Accrediting Commission
IARC – International Accreditation & Recognition Council
IVU IGO – Ignita Veritas United Inter-Governmental Organization
WCRDE – World Council for Regular and Distance Education


 AADP – American Association of Drugless Practitioners
APICS – Accademia per la Promozione Internazionale della Cultura e della Scienza
ASET – Accreditation Syndicate for Education & Training
IACET – International Association for Continuing Education & Training
IADL – International Association for Distance Learning (UK)
IAO – International Accreditation Organization
IHAC – Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council
OMMA – Organización Mundial de Medicinas Alternativas
QAC – Quality Assurance Commission

 World Regional References

Bircham International University is an international institution offering adult degree programs in eight languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian & Arabic, and with an actual presence in each of the main’s world cultural environment: North America, Central America & the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region. BIU ranking may be considered within the top ten according to its international relevance.

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AAOU – Asian Association of Open Universities
ABED – Associação Brasileira de Educação a Distância
APAIE – Asia-Pacific Association for International Education
BAOL – The British Association for Open Learning
EFQUEL – European Foundation for Quality in eLearning
EFVET – European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training
EU Open Education Europa
USDLA – United States Distance Learning Association