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Institute of Biosensory Psychology

We provide additional education in practical psychology. We conduct psychological courses for managers and entrepreneurs. Any person over the age of 18 will be trained in extrasensory studies, telekinesis, clairvoyance, healing and self-healing. Training is possible with both personal presence and online.
English-language materials are all translations done by volunteers with a different level of English and translation experience. All materials are presented ‘as is’ and may or may not be revised or edited in the future.

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Magic winter and summer in Russia. Healing and folk medicine retreat.


Target audience

The program is developed for healers and folk medicine specialists, as well as other participants interested in practical learning of parahealing and personal health improvement methods.


The main goal of the program is to prepare specialist practitioners in parahealing and folk medicine, forming their skills of multilevel perception and direct observation of bioenergy processes, which will help to master new methods of bio-energy-correction and to substantially expand the specialists’ views of folk medicine issues.

New special approach

The program is based upon many years of research of human psychic processes in their interconnection with physiological functioning of organism cells and bio-energy-informational exchange with the world around.

Biosensory disciplines consider the human psyche a material matter supported by special material energetic substances. This is the main difference from many methods and approaches used in healing and folk medicine.

The unique system of extrasensory perception training and development has been worked out at the Institute, which brings on an avalanche-like process of development of inner reserve body and psycho abilities, starting from the very first practical session. The training results in deep physical and psychic health improvement, development of intuition and routine self-organization, as well as the ability to overcome crisis situations.

The approaches worked out at the Institute have a deep practical foundation and its own theoretical basis. The main provisions have been patented and are implemented in Russia and abroad through seminars and long-term studies.

As a result of studying under the program, participants can master:

  • A new level of psychophysical and social regulation of psychic processes.
  • Modern means of resolving their own psychological problems.
  • Psychotherapeutical skills of diagnosing psychic states of the client and modern methods of their correction and social support.
  • Personal growth methods with the use of deep altered states of the consciousness.

Main topics of the education program

  1. Bioenergetic healing as an applied field of biosensory disciplines.
  2. Basics of bioenergy parahealing.
  3. Basics of feeling well and self-control.
  4. Basics of biosensory diagnostics.
  5. Bioenergy correction.
  6. Special aspects of nutrition during correction of the psyche. Breathwork in healing.
  7. Biosensory activity of the organism in critical situations.
  8. Moral and ethical aspects professional activity.

Duration: 10 days.

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