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Dreams and dream visions

Author: Vladimir Tonkov

Date: 14.02.2010


Translated from Russian by Elena Shoshkina

Edited by Ivan Gesse

Very few people think that it is dreams and dream visions and consequently their interpretation upon awakening or while dreaming that constitute one of the most important aspects of the human existence in terms of man as a particular individual and as a representative of the human kind.

It is the very “subculture”, the specific latent source of our behavioral existential reactions generating our personal and social preferences. This source is so vast and yet close to each one of us, that as we are driven into a corner and we hit the enormous wall of this phenomenon, we are incapable of grasping its boundaries and creating at least some general idea of its specific features.

Practically every single generation has attempted to research dream visions and, moreover, as long as we live our life, it – just like the lives of our ancestors consists of the continuous research into the dreams and dream visions to ensure the possible use of the unique reality of dream visions after one’s death. And no matter what you or I may hear from somebody professing to be an adherent of a notable tribe of atheists, it is not to be trusted for a minute inasmuch as it is all lies…

First of all, it should be noted that there are three types of people in terms of how they remember their dream visions:

– ”dream seers”, i.e. those who perceive dreams as part of reality, remember them very well and as a rule use the effects of being able to control their dreams. They perceive their dreams as:

– either an unconditional continuation of their lives, without requesting any consultations or confirmations from those who fret and fume trying to reassure them otherwise;

– or an area of foreseeing and forewarning nature giving them notice of their acquisitions, life situations, health, conflicts and disasters.

– “sight-impaired”, i.e. those who remember their dreams chaotically, irregularly, incoherently, and vaguely. Generally speaking they rarely see dream visions of the same nature as those seen by the dream seers of which we spoke above;

– “forgetful”, i.e. those who insist that they never see any dreams and absolutely do not understand the other two types of people, suspecting them of a certain deceit.

One simple thing needs to be clarified and that is that everyone dreams, but the nature of a dream vision is such that it is not always possible to build it up to a level of a natural (unimmersed) perception without being immersed. Furthermore, considering that a person usually sees more than one dream while sleeping, in general he can only remember either the last or the most vivid one.

Only a certain part of the first category – the “dream seers” falls under the exception of this rule; its individual representatives are capable of intentionally having only one presence-like dream vision.

…For our purpose all dreams can be conditionally divided into three major categories by their classification value:

– “junk”, a dream that is not a dream in its nominal meaning, but is rather a “rumination” of the excessive and painful information which we happened to be swamped with either due to our own follies or some inevitable life situations;

– “dream”, a dream that is a “superior”, “sacred” or simply “non-conscious” manifestation of the strange relations between the human psyche and the “great SOMETHING” revealed as spaceless and timeless “quasi communications” – “pseudo existences” (“as if”) more resembling psychic communication out of the realm of its physical body by means of “extrasensory perception”;

– “dream vision” as a type of “dream journey” as opposed to the former two categories is not so much the inner work of the psyche, but an attempt of the psyche to leave the boundaries of its physical body by means of a biosensory way granted by nature or by the Creator if you like it better.

Today just like many years ago they continue to try and create a special type of reference books on interpretation of dreams and none of the more or less known ones refers to either the differences described above, or to the fact of whether the authors of such reference books, commonly called “dream books”, have understood these differences.

Often this reminds of an attempt on the part of a numerologist “fairly well-known in certain circles” to calculate an enormous number of names, including foreign ones, pre-adapted to the Russian language and then calculated with the use of the “merely Russian” techniques. The book is undoubtedly attractive, the letters are ok, uncountable tables, good paper, too bad that it’s all going down the drain…

Therefore before interpreting any dream or, in other words, researching into the nature of the dream one should analyze the dream in terms of its pertinence to one of the above categories, inasmuch as when it comes to each one of those categories there exist absolutely different ways of comprehending dreams and “benefiting” from them.

– “Junk”. This area is interpreted by different prominent psychiatrists including Freud, Jung and others. It provides a detailed description of the sleeping conditions, health and habits of an individual. As a rule such dreams are characterized by incoherent disorganized pictures of chaotic and unhealthy nature. Following the above mentioned description this category includes:

1. Psychical experiences associated with tiring monotonous actions performed on a daily basis in real physical life (housekeeping duties, reflecting on one’s work, service, or “doing time”);

2. Psychical experiences associated with non-recurrent events leaving a deep emotional effect (abuse, computer games, consequences of drinking bouts, accidents, disasters);

3. Psychical reactions associated with existing health problems, pathologies or non-recurrent traumas;

4. Psychical reactions associated with the body position or physical experiences when the body is weighed down on by something, squeezed or hung over something (for example, a husband’s hand on one’s chest, bumpy mattress, short blanket, fold on a blanket, tight rubber bands, etc);

5. Psychical reactions associated with the aftereffects from the external physical, psycho-physical or extrasensory irritants (sounds outside the window, smells from the next room, changing electromagnetic or radio fields – do pardon me for differentiating between the latter two things);

6. other things of a similar nature.

– “Dream”. This is the only one of the three types of dreams that is partially subject to interpretation with the help of “dream books” and even then only provided a certain amount of suspicion as concerns the results of the interpretation as such. It is a rather successive act unfolding before the observer, either a man or another creature acting as its recipient. There must be some logic in the pictures consecutively transforming one into another. It is characterized by a “frame delay” and “numerous repeated series”. There are people day after day going back to a particular spot in their dream where their sleep was interrupted. “Many series” to a dream unfolding a continuous story are not to be confused with the “repetition” insistently giving us a warning of some type of problem, either a good one or a bad one, but insistently demanding a solution and classified as “junk”. As opposed to the previous type of dreams there are two very specific processes in progress here:

1. Predicting the future based on ”forefeeling” and “supersensitive energy and information exchange” between the surrounding environment and its inhabitants and with the aftereffects of “junk” mentioned above in the text. Based on the controllability factor there are two groups:

a. event dreams, i.e. dreams unfolding before the dreamers’ perception in the form of events detached from the dreamer even if they are personally related to the dreamer;

b. script dreams, i.e. dreams where the dreamer can act as a script writer, giving an overall tone, rhythm and perspective to one’s visions.

2. Direct immediate perception of the future, based on the mechanism absolutely unconceivable for a modern science oriented mind (scientific paradigm), of interrelation between the human being and his environment represented by space, time and probably something that is completely unfitting from the point of the human perception. As a matter of fact there is nothing that can be interpreted with the help of a dream-book; the situation is what it is. In psychiatry and parapsychiatric circles it is called a “déjà vu” which literally means “has already seen”. It appears as a direct participation in events that “have already taken place” in the life of a participant and sometimes a number (!!!) of participants in special conditions of altered perception. The direct immediate perception of the future does exist in reality in spite of the unanimous choir of psychiatrists expressing their indignation at this fact, but… However you should not raise your hopes because most often the “fish” slips straight from your “hands” at the first attempts of such a “prophet” or “messiah” to try and use such “déjà vu” on a daily basis…

– “Dream vision” as a type of “dream journeying”. It is a group of dreams subject to research that allows for subsequent interpretations, but only by those who specialize in the area of “controllable dream visions”. Even provided a person has a vast personal experience in “controllable dream visions” it is not enough to entitle him or her to interpret such dream journeys due to a number of reasons listed below:

– a number of controllable dream visions refers to the category of “Dreams” already described above where an individual human being acts merely as a “script writer” directing by willpower the development of the dream’s plot along a more interesting scenario;

– other “controllable dream visions” appear as a personal presence in a certain place, at a certain time and under certain circumstances. It is this group of dreams that is classified as “dream journeys”.

At first encounter dream journeys astound a person “emerging” from a dream back to the “objective reality” by their credibility, vividness, and richness of colors, sounds and other sensations; though this does not have to be the case all the time. Only the “dream journeys”, as opposed to “junk” and “dreams”, are indicative of the special mystical capabilities of the human being to possible forms of another presence and of the probable existence of “life after life”. How much of this is real and how much of it is lies and delirium? As much as a person practicing “controllable dream visions” can enter such dreams using the following methods:

– “extrasensory perception” if a person “senses” his presence in the plot rather than being actually present in it. Most often this phenomenon is “played with” by “dream seers” who are involved in psychology and psychiatry or simply people prone to self-deceit and superficial type of thinking, even if it is extremely comprehensive, intricate and deep-like when under a mass of pompous expressions lies its superficiality. This group of controllable dream visions can be classified in the category of script “dreams” as was already described above and can in no case be a part of the group mentioned in this section. The only reason why we went back to it is that we need to make a comparison that will enable us to understand the difference between a mistake, likeness and reality clearer and deeper;

– “biosensory projection”, in cases:

– a. If a man really and intentionally practices something that can be classified as “biosensory practices”, i.e. various subjects of “bioactivating” or “biotransforming” nature – various forms of Qing Gong, Wushu, Tibet chakra disciplines, Hindu yogas, West European “magic”, and other miscellaneous things of the same nature… that results in provoking the body of a person practicing the above to a drastic increase of energy content and informational content which in turn leads to:

– a sudden acceleration of energy exchange between the human body and the outer environment manifested in increase of activity in attracting fine field energy carriers from the surrounding environment and consequently an increased response of own “emanations”, i.e. field emanation into the outer environment;

– abrupt changes in the nature of the internal food processing, reconstructing a human body to a multi-fold increase in internal generation of field and other finest substances; creation of an ability to turn selected substances into food wastes with their subsequent withdrawal from the organism;

– a change in the very essence of physiological exchange in the human body, resulting in phenomena evoking response troublesome to the sensitive soul of the professor: healing of tissues or controlled changes of tissues, sometimes unfortunately including cases of deliberate self destruction, as well as moving objects at a distance by the force of will, healing people, predictions, etc…

– b. If a person does not practice such disciplines intentionally and yet his life has enabled their body to undergo such reconstruction or if there is a serious personal biological proneness to such phenomena leading to the above consequences, but as a “freebie”, simply at the expense of the revealed natural capabilities.

Thus in the group of “controllable dream visions” we have a specific intentional natural mechanism of personal psycho-physiological regeneration, when a living person with the help (emphasized on purpose) of his natural, natural and only natural capabilities rather than by some sort of “mystical” manipulations (here the word means “delirious” and it does not question the reality of mystics as such) is able to use his finest tissues for further buildup of himself or herself, naturally allowing for all the shortcomings and complications, but! at the same time for the abilities that they grant.

It is a different matter that in the beginning it is specifically the hidden inclinations that dictate their bad habits to the individual, just like in a case of a schoolboy with a gun and a schoolgirl with a grenade launcher. A policeman or a soldier can likewise go mad and shoot those who they are called to protect, but nonetheless it is these people that society turns to in case of needed defense, in the hope that the better in them will not allow the worst.

Why is it that such a topic that is seemingly unrelated to our subject is mentioned here? It is because there are a number of specific key things in the area of “controllable dream visions” that allow to build up and execute paranormal abilities. For example, given a certain measure of talent and considerable experience, such person is in fact capable of intentionally entering into other people’s dreams, but that does not mean that you will try to peep in every keyhole, does it?

Furthermore, controllable dream visions can be extremely easily confused with the organized hallucinations that are a complex combination of the first two groups – the “junk” and the “dreams”.

These occur only provided there is a personal attitude toward someone (anyone) based on a serious urge, either an attraction or repulsion, when the inner theater of an individual under his personal control performs scenes from one’s own life, for example “Torture me, honey, torture me”… “I will not, I wiiilllll nooot…” (dialogue of a masochist with a sadist).

The sense of reality of the presence is striking in its clearness, the “script” is good, the “actors” in the dream are at their best, hallucinogenic “play” is amazing, however the neighbor is accused of influencing the poor “script writer”.

…Following the above it is absolutely clear that the procedure of researching dreams with their subsequent interpretation turns into a rather complex although quite attractive work for the researcher, the work is performed in stages and in strict sequence:

– identifying to which of the three main areas that we absolutely nominally introduced in the classification described above, namely, “junk”, “dreams”, or “journeys” the dream belongs;

– examining the correspondence of dream events classified as part of a certain category as regards:

– conscious deceit of the dream interpreter by the interlocutor pursuing different goals;

– superficial correspondence of a dream to a category, but lack of deep correspondence;

– the interpreter’s own biases;

– other similar things;

– identifying the reasons that gave rise to the dream; the reasons may be classified as:

– events taking place – the mere development of a dream vision without any meaning, resembles looking out of the window or the state of being present in an administrative institution

– the events are happening with no involvement on the part of the person present;

– warnings – numerous haunting situations or one-time situations engraved in one’s mind and to some degree related to the dreamer;

– urges (attraction and repulsion) – presence of a particular something or somebody, having something that evokes an uneasy attitude towards them;

– other types;

– a number of similar stages defined in each particular case based on the situation by the researcher or the interpreter themselves;

– interpretation of the dream as such.

And – especially for convinced and adamant psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists. I had an opportunity to personally speak with a great number of specialists in these areas, both doctors and not quite doctors.

I can declare without a hint of doubt that among psychiatrists and psychoanalysts, psychotherapists and psychologists there is a vast, an unlimited number of those who have for a long time been involved in psychic practice, bioenergetics, research into mystics and esoteric research, but! they will never admit it to their close ones, or to their colleagues, because they would not want to do any harm to their own state of health, position and business reputation earned through criticism and dislike of everything listed above throughout their professional career when they were growing to become prominent specialists.

Among psychiatrists I had an opportunity to meet Jesuses and other Messiahs and those who apart from their patients can also see “diabolic” creatures, both believing in God and His antipode. Moreover, most often the global aversion of psychotherapists and psychiatrists towards mystics and psychics is caused by the mere human envy and competition rather than by professional convictions of the health care ministry worker…

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