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Institute of Biosensory Psychology

We provide additional education in practical psychology. We conduct psychological courses for managers and entrepreneurs. Any person over the age of 18 will be trained in extrasensory studies, telekinesis, clairvoyance, healing and self-healing. Training is possible with both personal presence and online.
English-language materials are all translations done by volunteers with a different level of English and translation experience. All materials are presented ‘as is’ and may or may not be revised or edited in the future.

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Educational activity

More than 30 years of teaching

Under the leadership of Vladimir Viktorovich Tonkov, the founder and chief specialist of our educational institution, we have been teaching people for over 30 years.

The Institute of Biosensory Psychology has been operating in different organizational and legal forms since 1993. As an educational organization was registered in 1998. It had former names: “Institute of the Superconscious” (1993 – 1998), Non-State Educational Institution of Additional Professional Education “St. Petersburg Expert Consulting Centre” (1998-2000); Non-governmental educational institution of higher professional education “Institute of Eniology and Social Research” (2000 – 2002), Non-State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Institute of Social Development of Natural Abilities (2000 – 2002). Currently – Private educational institution of additional professional education “Institute of Biosensory Psychology”.

For such a long period of existence we have accumulated a huge teaching experience. Moreover, not just acquired it, but modified it over time according to the evolving notions of reality. Every student has access to this experience and finds something that fits his interests.

Working within the framework of the current legislation

Unlike many institutions of the paraphenomenological orientation, we work openly and legally. We carry out exactly those activities for which we have an official permit.

During its existence, the Institute received licenses for the provision of additional education in the following areas:

  • Fundamentals of energy informatics, from 30.11.2002 to 24.06.2002;
  • Modern methods of sensology in folk and traditional medicine, from 30.01.2002 to 30.01.2005;
  • Modern methods of sensology in psychology and psychotherapy, from 30.01.2002 to 30.01.2005;
  • Practical sensorology in respiratory psychotechnics, from 30.01.2002 to 30.01.2005;
  • Modern aspects of psychological counselling and personality research, since 14.10.2007 unlimited.

To date, the Institute has a state license for the right to conduct educational activities, series 78LO2 No. 0001021, issued on August 25, 2016 by the Education Committee of the Government of St. Petersburg, registration number 2086.

The legal nature of our activities allows students to receive documents on the passing of additional education. For example, participants of long courses after the final certification are issued a document on additional education – Diploma of professional retraining with qualification “psychologist”, “teacher of psychology.”

Offering various studying programs

Studying in the Institute is conducted in the form of lectures, courses and seminars of different duration: from several hours to 2 years.

  • For beginners, there is a General Course program with a duration of 12 lessons. The General Course under the direction of Vladimir Tonkov is held in 2 forms – evening and afternoon.
  • For non-resident students – beginners and experienced – an Internet course program lasts 2 months.
  • For those who wish to immerse themselves immediately and deeply into biosensory practices – a long-term professional training program in biosensory psychology, the so-called 20-month course.
  • There is a program which has been developed for managers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, as well as people who want to open their own business – “Business Course”.
  • The series of seminars “Intuition” has been launched – for the development of intuition in management and daily life.
  • The in-depth training program includes courses and seminars on the following topics: telekinesis, biosensory healing and lucid dreaming.
  • We also conduct training and retraining of teachers in the field of biosensory psychodisciplines.

We develop and implement programs for founders, organizers, managers and chiefs, as well as working groups for working in critical conditions, the ability to leave critical areas and regulate health in conditions of high emotional tension.

Each of the described training activities you can visit again an unlimited number of times. All classes are unique, there are no repetitions “as copied ones”, and programs are improving and mutating. In addition, at each visit you increase your level of mastering the subject of training.

You choose the training program yourself, but we recommend starting with the General Course.

Teaching real practices

Long teaching experience (more than 30 years), high professionalism of teachers and unique approaches to teaching allow us to give our students not just techniques, but approaches and tools for changing their lives. These approaches and tools person uses in situations actual for him, creating in fact his own individual methods. We help people to master the following skills:

Regulate mental and physiological processes in yourself and with other people. It will become real for you: to improve your health, to get sick less, to recover faster, to establish relationships with colleagues and relatives.

Adapt to the fast and exhausting rhythms of modern life. We help you improve productivity by reducing stress levels. You can quickly get out of stress or do not fall into it at all, manage to do more things with a bigger load and get pleasure from life at the same time.

Be able to use the hidden reserves of your psyche. By “unpacking” the hidden potential, you will have a competitive advantage over non-practicing people: you will be more efficient at work, successful in life and more talented in creativity.

Consciously anticipate events. Increased intuition will allow you to avoid fatal situations, interactions and actions. For example, you do not go by the train where the terrorists will make an explosion, do not lend to a partner who suddenly decides to deceive you, and do not start investing in an enterprise that will bankrupt in an unpredictable manner.

Regulate business processes and financial flows, which is relevant for entrepreneurs and managers. Due to increased intuition, inner “sense” and sensory perception, you can:

  • Better forecast the business strategy;
  • Determine correctly with the choice of employees in the team;
  • Anticipate the actions of colleagues and understand their interactions with you;
  • Make timely profitable investments or extract assets;
  • Attract the best partners, investors and clients for cooperation.

To move objects of small mass in a non-contact way. Unlike many areas in the field of paraphenomenology, we teach people telekinesis – the movement of objects at a distance. Most often, it is a paper spiral suspended in a closed glass flask. Having gained successful experience in this field, a person realizes that a miracle is real, and he himself is a magician: he can heal, see and correct future events, read minds from a distance, travel out of the body in other worlds.

A person masters the basic skills in our classes in a short time – about 1 month, that is, during the General Course. However, if it is a matter of acquiring mastery in our field, then the duration of training increases. Many people attend certain courses and seminars for a period of months and years. This helps them to systematically develop, critically assess their level and in time to get rid of the obsolete baggage of knowledge. In addition to the obvious benefits of regular training, people are interested in life: the most fascinating thing in life is to explore yourself, other people and the world around you. Moreover, it is interesting just to live practicing biosensory activities.

We are responsible for the level of our teachers

All teachers undergo long-term training and further training at the Institute of Biosensory Psychology under the leadership of the founder and chief specialist Tonkov Vladimir Viktorovich. They are his students and are trained according to his author’s methods. We do not hire people “from outside”, as we want to know exactly what the future teacher is in terms of human and professional development. After all, we trust this person to work with the mental processes of our listeners.

Tonkov Vladimir Viktorovich — Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology and Economics, Professor of the International University of Bircham (Madrid, Spain), Honoured Teacher of the Baltic Pedagogical Academy (St. Petersburg, Russia), founder of one of the leading areas in the promising fields of psychoscience and practice of developing natural psychophysiological abilities.

To train teachers of biosensory psychology in your hometown, you can, by agreement with the management of the Institute, invite our teachers to conduct courses and seminars in other cities and countries.

In addition to training specialists in biosensory psychology, the Institute can provide highly qualified professionals: lawyers, economists and accountants, to conduct anti-crisis support.

Our teachers try to make your effective and result oriented , proceeding from the value of their personal responsibility to the participants, the great experience of conducting conversations and training, as well as the ability to create a working environment in the group.