StudiesOn-line seminar "BIOSENSORY PRACTICE: ENERGETIC SATURATION-2" lead by prof. Natalia Shareyko

Sunday, February 19th from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm EST. The fee is $ 40 / person. Registration for the event is required and will start on February 14th. For more information please contact: Full text

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StudiesExpanding Your Consciousness

Tap into unbounded yet undiscovered potential through guided self-exploration. Material will be taught in English by the Institute’s lead specialists. The broadcast will be on Thursdays and Saturdays via Skype (account: Metaportal-English) from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm Eastern Time (8:00 pm – 9:30 pm Moscow time). Free introductory session is on Saturday, November 17, 2012. Please send your request for attendance to “Metaportal-English”. Space for this 3 month course is limited. Full text

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VideoInterview Kelvin Lim after training at Institute of biosensory psychology

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VideoInterview Hans Jecklin-Speiser after training at Institute of biosensory psychology

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StudiesSpecial Course сonducted by Vladimir Tonkov

27.06.2011 – 03.07.2011. Instructor: V.Tonkov. The course will contain theory and practice. Theory includes the theoretical justification of psycho-bio-energy informational interactions, adjustment of contemporary scientific world view in light of existing facts, and new system of views of reality based on contemporary science achievements and facts obtained at our institute. Practice includes basic skills in learning psycho-bio-energy informational exchange and bio-para-phenomenological approaches, for example, telekinesis. Developing an internal and external system of interactions based on psycho-resource and psycho-substance regulation. Issues of regulation and self-regulation, para-healing and similar issues. World view portion includes psychological, philosophical and other conversations/discussion with the aim of adapting the human psycho-physiological complex toward a fast change of human status and explosive development of human resource reserves, and others as required or warranted by circumstances, including issues of out-of-body projections, seeing at a distance, search technologies, global informational interaction, etc. Full text

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EventsOpen International Congress “The Psyche and Psychical Processes as a Real Factor of Miracle-Creating Practice”

Congress goals: – Generalization of experience from different schools and study areas, which use the psychical processes in their practice – Formation of a strategy for developing the research of the psyche and psychical processes as a real factor of wonder working – Discussion, within a broad circle of specialists, of today’s notion of the psyche and psychical processes in practical paraphenomenology in light of contemporary scientific and practical world view Full text

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VideoIntroduction to biosensory studies, Host: Ivan Gesse

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This pre-recorded video is meant to provide some general information about biosensory studies, their origins and the development path within the Institute of Biosensory Psychology (St. Petersburg, Russia), including in the context of certain historical circumstances. Practical applications and the evidential base for the existence of para-phenomena are likewise addressed. The video also talks about some of the basic energy structures and approaches for being engaged in practical biosensory studies. Full text

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VideoVideo broadcast of May 28, 2010. Topic: Overview of Natalia Shareyko's trip to the US in April-May 2010. Host: Natalia Shareyko.

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